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December 17th, 2011 at 09:06 am

My cousin, who just had a milestone birthday, invited the cousins to a restaurant for dinner. Everyone got there on time in high spirits and she was a charming hostess. Until the waitress began to take our orders ... The waitress began asking for our names so she could make up separate cheques. We said "let's check with our organizer" who told us "oh yes, the waitress needs to make separate cheques".
So we all made the necessary mental switch.
It was embarrassing afterwards when our cousin continued to act like the hostess by walking around the table to make sure we were doing all right.
At the end, the waitress brought out a dessert with a candle. I felt a little sad:
1) that the birthday girl seemed to need the attention on this milestone birthday.
2) that I wouldn't have given her a $50 gift card if I had known I was to pay my own way.
3) that this story will become part of family legend without her knowing.