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Winnings at the Casino in Niagara

October 5th, 2010 at 11:20 am

Hubby and I celebrated our 10th anniversary in Niagara Falls. It rained all weekend but we were prepared with coats and umbrella. It felt like a honeymoon, and I even referred to it a few times as one.
There wasn't that much to do so we decided to go see the casino. It was in a nice hotel and even had a mall.
Lots of people were hanging out there. I found the casino itself a bit overwhelming with all of those machines with their music, noises, and blinking lights.
I only know how to play one game, Blackjack because I have a blackjack app on my iPod.
In the end, I won $90.
I didn't enjoy it though because it was horrible to watch my money drop, drop,drop and then slowly, painfully come back up. Gambling is not for me.